2018-19 Man United Third Shirt Dark Blue

At the time of 50th anniversary of Manchester United, the dark blue 2018-19 Manchester United football kits were unveiled for all people. Footballers of the team could put on the new shirt to play all fixtures through the whole 2018-19 season. For the purpose of following its environmental principle, new football kit is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Aiming at eliminating marine plastic contamination, the 18/19 Manchester United third shirt is published with Parley initiative, in which the condition is the same as those of Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and MLS football shirts. The new design of the brand new third football shirt pays tribute to the first European Cup win of Man United at the 50th anniversary.

All footballers of Man United in the dark blue kit with some gold details, the team beat Benfica 4-1 after extra time at Wembley. All details of the brand new kit pay homage to the cup final success. Oliver Nichlisch, Categoru Product Director of Adidas, expresses his thoughts about the Parley initiative. The environmental principle aims at reduce marine contamination incurred by non-degradable plastic bottles into oceans. Adidas’ environmental principle dedicates to turn marine plastic waste into wearable footwear and clothing. He voiced that humanity need to change their unsuitable thoughts and acts towards oceans. Such principal belief familiar to all people at Adidas. This is the reason why the innovative relations with Parley for the Oceans are critical to Adidas.

In the partnership with Manchester United, striking novel jerseys are designed with the Parley Ocean Plastic. Adidas hope they could contain the damaging contamination incurred by plastic bottles in oceans. They also wish all football fans could be members of the environmental campaign, inspiring and encouraging more and more people make their contributions to environmental cause.

In summer tour in the USA, the new kit will debut on football pitch for the first time. For limited amount of the predominately white home jersey, please place your order as soon as possible before the deadline of the flash sale. Every football fan of the Man United side could get a new home stripe for themselves, their friends, families and people who also would like to purchase it. It’s a great present for football fans of Man United football team, as long as they love the football team very much. After shopping around, many customers will choose to place their order, because of high-quality football shirts from our selection are also sold at lower prices. Please place your order without hesitation. Do not miss the great opportunity to get your favorite football shirts. Besides guarantee in providing high-quality football kits, we cut many middle man to reduce unnecessary cost, lowering prices of our products as soon as possible.

The brand new dark blue third kit is manufactured by imitating royal blue kit, which has been worn by Sir Matt Busby’s men in their victory over Benfica at Wembley in May 1968. Gold sponsor’s logo is printed in the center of front; white Adidas logo is stitched to right chest.

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