Release of the Bright Yellow Celtic Third Kit 2018-19

In recent days, our company source a batch of 18-19 Celtic third football shirt after its official release. Various serious are available now on the website. In order to provide more excellent services to all customers, all products of our website are sourced from and dispatched by manufactures.

After put on the bright yellow 2018-19 Celtic third football kit, one will stand out amongst crowds for novel design and bight yellow main colour. It will also be a perfect item from our selection to show homage to the football club. Prior to more detailed information, here are some obvious highlights of the club:

  1. Fluorescent yellow accents
  2. Dafabet and Magners logo
  3. New Balance patch
  4. V-shaped neckline
  5. Curve-line design
  6. Raglan sleeves
  7. “Magners” on the upper back

Against the eye-catching color scheme, the whole front catches attentions from all people for the curve lines across the upper front, finishing with yellow in the end. The logo of sponsor is printed in the center in yellow, which is outlined in black. The New Balance logo is printed in the right chest whole the club badge is printed in the left chest in fluorescent yellow.

The obvious contrast between the bright yellow liner and cool black below the V-shaped line, catching attentions around crowds easily. Besides, the solid black fully capitalized “Magners” is printed on upper back. The V-shaped line keeps the relaxing feeling while maintaining the professional design. At the same time, the raglan sleeves could leave one comfortable as much as possible.

After shopping around, many customers will choose to place their order, because of high-quality football shirts from our selection are also sold at lower prices. Please place your order without hesitation. Do not miss the great opportunity to get your favorite football shirts.

Besides, there are also another newly released shirt — 2018 – 2019 Lazio Away Football Shirt. Compared with the simply design of Lazio shirt, strong color scheme is one of the most obvious characteristics of the 18-19 Celtic third football shirt.

Designers are inspired by the 1999/00 football kit, endowing the new jersey a predominant white color; a pale blue stripe across the chest and blend with the blue stripes on two short sleeves. One could easily find the embossed line on the front when looks the shirt carefully. A solid black logo of “macron” is printed onto right chest while the emblem of football club Lazio is embroidered to left chest. A sky blue stripe emerges on the collar with gold accents. Fully capitalized “SSlAZIO” is printed on the back collar in pale blue. Except the blue letters on back, the whole back is in solid white, forming a simple, concise and modern touch.

If you are frenzy football fans of above two clubs, these two shirts are also necessities to show homage to clubs. They are also cheap and cheerful for our efficient management in reducing unnecessary costs like fees of transfer, storage, warehouse, etc. Please place orders without hesitation for high-quality services and products. Many people will go back to buy many other products after receiving previous products. The quality of our products is good enough for such low prices.

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